Tsuboniwa Bamboo Pavillion – Tamkang University Department of Architecture, Bamboo Pavillion Art Exhibition


With the aim of advocating green construction material in practice, architecture department of TKU decided to explore the possibility of native material (bamboo), referencing case study and construction method from Southeast Asia and other country examples, developing a series of bamboo structure installations, the installations carried out by the student from year 1 in groups under the guidance of lecturer.

Tsuboniwa Bamboo Pavilion is named behind the idea of one bamboo structure in a ping area boundary, the art work responded well to the surrounding of the Tamsui Customs Wharf.

This exhibition is supported by the curator of Tamsui Herritage Museum, Ms Po, Li-Mei by providing the open space at Tamsui Customs Wharf as the site for this project. This pavilion is also intended to provide shade for the piece of lawn during this summer weather.

We hope that to attract local community and tourist to stop by and explore the tour of Tsuboniwa Bamboo Pavillion, simultaneously enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tamsui Customs Wharf, bringing the native bamboo culture of Taiwan to more tourists known.